Edwards trip to Baltimore 1941

I’m tired of reading old Edwards obituaries. So I was happy that the next item I grabbed from my Edwards genealogy box was my mother’s diary entries about her trip back east, in 1941.

I thought she was about 16 when she went on this trip, but see now that she was 20. I had also thought she was accompanied by her parents, but it was actually Fat and Henrietta who took her along with them. That made me wonder if and when her father, A.E. Edwards, ever visited his huge number of siblings, or if they ever visited him.

I don’t know most of the people mentioned:  James Gaddis, Price, Cora Jane Lamont Bauman, Pups, Nora & Ed Coffey, Irene Castro.  (Wasn’t there a Jane Bauman who wrote a column in the Hutchinson News?)

Thurs July 17.      Up at 4.00 A.M. Drove 640 Miles to Gaddis at Rushville, Illinois.

Fri July 18.      To McComb to see James Gaddis. Ate dinner at restaurant where he was eating. Stayed in cabin near Ohio Line.

Sat July 19.     Drove through Ohio, corners of Virginia, Penn., Maryland. Ate dinner in Wheeling West Va. Arrived at Nelsons at 9.00 P.M.


English: Baltimore Harbor as seen from World T...

English: Baltimore Harbor as seen from World Trade Center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sun July 20.     Took drive through woods west of Nelsons house. Tony’s friend, Linsey, here for lunch. Rained p.m.

Mon July 21.     Tony to Percheon Horse judging at Hagerstown. Nelson took us around city, Ft. McHenry, Green Mountain Cemetery where Wilkes Booth grave is.

Tues July 22.     Lee & Nelson drove us to Washington, Arlington Cemetery, Smithsonian Museum, Parks and White House.

Wed July 23.     Up early to go on boat S.S. Bay Belle to Seaside in Chesapeake Bay. Took 4 hours and was about 50 miles. Had a picnic on deck. Won 14 bingos.

Thurs July 24.     Tony & Fat to college to see livestock. Cornelia, Henrietta & I shopping in Baltimore, ate chow mein for dinner. Seafood for supper. Tony, Price and I looked up Cora Jane (Lamont) Bauman of Turon.

Fri July 25.     Left Baltimore at 5:00 A.M. for New York. 515 Miles. Saw Pups, Nora & Ed Coffey. Was down Broadway in N.Y. about midnight . . . Tony said it would be bright as day. I stayed with Coffeys at New Rochelle.

Sat July 26.     I came to Pups and we went back to Baltimore. Ate at Peter Poppas restaurant in Baltimore.

Sun July 27.     Cornelia to church. Irene Casto here p.m. Nelson drove us through Green Spring Valley tonight–so cool.

Mon July 28.     Left at 5.24 A.M. for home. Ate lunch on road and supper in Uniontown. Stayed at cabin near Springfield, Ohio. 438 miles.

Tues July 29.     6:00–breakfast near Kingdown. Supper at Big Boy Restaurant. Hot.

Wed July 30.     Ate at camp. Dinner at Olathe. Stormy P.M. Ate a bite at Florence. Stopped at Emporia Sale. Home at 6.00 P.M.


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