Suddenly Taken By Death 1926: Icea Keopple Edwards

This clipping is the obituary about ‘the sudden passing of Mrs. Icea Edwards’, having been ‘ill for only a short time with the flu and a sudden attack of the heart hastened the end.’


Born March 9, 1887, in Iowa.  Died May 5, 1926, at age 39 years.  Her parents and her moved to Turon KS when she was about 14. In 1905, she married my grandfather, A.E. Edwards. They lived most of their adult lives at ‘the home place, five miles north of Turon.’

Besides being a ‘home-loving wife and mother’, with five children, Icea was an active worker in the Red Cross during the war, as well as in the Ladies’ Aid Society. Both she and her ‘Bub’ liked the Glendale church, and she reorganized its Sunday school, plus gave and her time and talent so ‘the young people . . . might have the advantage of church privileges’.

The funeral service was held at the home, led by her friend, Mrs. E.M. Rowell. Two women sung ‘Face to Face’ and ‘Beautiful Isle of Somewhere’.

Family members include her mother Mrs. C.E. Doan, three sisters (Mrs Iva Gray, Mrs Arta McCaffree, Mrs Maud Divine), three brothers (Leslie, Karl and Ted Keopple), and other relatives and friends. Burial was in the Turon cemetery.


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‘A kind and loving relative and faithful friend has gone from our midst. Earth is poorer but Heaven is richer because of her smile.’ Mr. A.E. Edwards & family, and Mrs. C.E. Doan & family also added a Card of Thanks, acknowledging friends’ sympathy, acts of kindness, and flowers.

As usual, I always see what’s on the other side of a newspaper item that has been cut out.

  • KU has a Memorial Union, which includes eating places, bookshop, etc. I never knew anything about its name. A fragment of an article in the paper mentions that the Union will be built in sections, as alumni provide funds. alumni. Included was part of a list of alumni who had died while serving the country, including 34 men who ‘lost their lives in battle’ and two women, one who died in Lawrence and the other in Washington.
  • The Ks highway commission announced that 55 miles of highway would be constructed, along with 21 bridges in May.
  • The KS wheat crop will need 40,000 additional laborers to help local ‘harvest hands’.
  • At Mound City, a turkey buzzard was seen flying with a sheep bell attached to its neck. Townspeople wondered if was the same bird ‘mentioned in dispatches’ from Kentucky, which had been caught and belled a few years earlier.