Pearle’s Silverware Set

I posted earlier that after the death of my grandmother, Pearle Vernon Edwards, I acquired her silverware set. Here are some more details and photos.

Her silverware canteen contains 4 different patterns. I’m guessing that she may have started out with her 8-piece set, and then received other silverware from family members.

The first pattern (shown on knife at bottom left) is her 8-piece set, that is, 8 knives, 8 large spoons, 8 large forks, etc. Pattern 1881 Rogers Oneida Ltd.

The second knife shows the pattern her 4-piece set. Oneida Sterling Heiress.

The spoon of the left shows the pattern for 6 teaspoons, identified as Tudor Plate Onieda Community Made. The one on the right is a pattern for 5 teaspoons, a butter knife, and a sugar spoon. Community Plate.

i44 Mameen knife #2045.jpgi44 Mameen knife #1044.jpgi44 Mameen 2 spoons046.jpg


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